Art is more than just a word. It is the creative process that accompanies everybody a lifetime and allows to look into the depths of man. Art is rooted in the soul of humanity and the myth.

...Evelyne Frostl


Caravaggio Award 2018
Kitz Award 2017
Brilliant Duc Art Award
World Wide Art
Art Exhibition
Premio Fomenar 2016 Finalist
Exhibition of the 30 Finalists
Arte Borgo Gallery, Borgo Vittorio, 25
00193 Roma
1.- 14. April 2017

My Merit Award Titel at Palm Art Award 2016


Many thanks to the Jury!
World Wide Art

The Certificate as PDF

Merlino Bottega d'Arte - Firenze
11.- 21. December 2016

Artbox Projects Miami
My picture "Crazy" live on Screen

Live on Screen Dezember 2016 Artbox.Project Miami 1.0

The full Certificate as PDF

Inclusion in the book
Original kunSTücke contemporary artists
South Side Media Group, Gmund - Moosrain am Tegernsee.
Publish date: 25.11.2016.
Bookpresentation 4.12.2016 ART Innsbruck am Messestand von Mag. Hubert Thurnhofer

Certificate of Excellence

The complete Certificate as PDF

Who's Who in Visual Art, Vol. 2017
Inclusion in Who's Who

The complete Certificate as PDF

4.9.2015 Odessa/Ukraine
Art Prize of the Jury of the International Artists contest "Duc de Richelieu" in Emerald to Evelyne Frostl and 8 other Austrian artists.

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