Evelyne Frostl

Born 1966 in Vienna. Dr. Phil. Master's certificate in craft of painting, qualified adult educator. Studied theater, film and media studies, journalism and communications, philosophy and ethnology at the University of Vienna. Completion of the master's program in May 2004 with honors. Promotion in February 2007. Lives in Hamburg and St. Pölten.
Occupational exposure as a director, dramaturge, curator, author, public relations, press officer and the Culture and Event Management.

First encounters with the art with Prof. Franz Kaulfersch. While studying deepening the knowledge in imagery and morphology at Univ. Prof. Dr. Johannes Domsich. Recommended Artist of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and Frida Kahlo Foundation.

Art purchases nationally and internationally by private collectors and public institutions.
Art workshops and lectures on request.

Prizes and Awards

2015: International art prize in Odessa: Duc de Richelieu in Emerald awarded by the Ukrainian Ambassador in Vienna

2016: Certificate of Excellence for the 20th Artavita Contest awarded by art director Despina Tunberg, World Wide Art, Santa Barbara, USA.

2016: Certificate of Excellence for the 21th Artavita Contest awarded by art director Despina Tunberg, World Wide Art, Santa Barbara, USA.

2016: Merit Award Winner of Palm Art Award

2017: 2nd place - 3 Palms Public Art Award, Art Domain Group, DE

2017: Finalist of Premio Fomenar, Alicante, Spanien

2017: Brilliant Duc of Friedensbrücke Gloria, Competition Puschkin und Gogol in Italy, Odessa, Ukraine

2017: Certificate of Excellence for the 22th Artavita Contest awarded by art director Despina Tunberg, World Wide Art, Santa Barbara, USA.

2017: Nominee of the Kitz Award, Kitzbühel, AT

Books and Catalogues

Catalogue: Creative Contemporary Artists Vol II. published by Katerina Omelchuk. Berlin. 2015

Original kunSTücke Works contemporary artists. Art is a matter of perspective. South Side Media Group. Gmund - Moosrain am Tegernsee. November 2016 Official book presentation on December 4, 2016 at ART Innsbruck.

Exhibition catalogue Fomenar Art Prize, 1. Edition, Alicante, Spain

Who's Who in Visual Art: 101 Top Fine Artists of Our Day. Artdomain Verlag Ulrich Goette Himmelblau. Vol 2017

Original kunSTücke Works contemporary artists. Art is a powerful spell. South Side Media Group. Gmund - Moosrain am Tegernsee. June 2017

About my art

My paintings are under the premise of perception and focuses on the different levels of image viewing. I modified for myself the form of pop-art cubism, which acquired in early years of international exhibitions action painting as a starting point, due to the base always the soul of man, rooted in myth and mythology. From me particularly preferred image contents originate mythological figures and legends, as well as the nature is presented in abstract forms.

The personal expression of the interior in the form of emotions and thoughts, with the refusal to paint with brush, will be colorfully reflected in comprehensible contents that allow the viewers discover new things and invite them to complete the work with their own perception.

Exhibition Directory

1. Art Expo Ingolstadt. 26.5. - 28.5.2017
Arte Borgo Gallery, Borgo Vittorio, 25, 00193 Roma, 1. - 14. April 2017
ART SYMPOSIUM, Merlino Bottega d`Arte, Florenz, Italien. 11.12.-21.12.2016
The Artbox Project, Spectrum Miami, Miami Beach. USA 30.11. - 4.12. 2016
Hamburg shows Art. Fischauktionshalle Hamburg-Altona. 29.10.2016
International Art Expo, Flyer Art Gallery, Via Palermo 77, 00184 Rome, 2nd-14th September 2016
Altonale Hamburg, Beys Art Café. 22767 Hamburg Ottensen, 1 July to 7 August 2016
Art club Burg e.V., Bökelnburghalle, Holzmarkt 1 A, 25712 Burg (Dithmarschen), 22-04/24/2016
Theory of Reality
Jean M. Laffitau, art photographie studio & schule, 66123 Saarbrücken 16.4.-30.4.2016
MYTORO Contemporary Art Gallery, Lüneburger Straße 1a, 21073 Hamburg. 18.3. - 9.4.2016.
Love, Peace and Happiness - A Tribute to a Psychedelic Age.
Hecher Art Gallery, Kreuzgasse 33, 1180 Wien 26.2. - 4.3.2016
Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London. 23th - 25th of october
3. Benefiz- Art Exhibition Mama Orphans Children's Home, education center SOAL. Hamburg. August 21-23.
Austrian Cultural Center, Palais Palffy, Josefsplatz 6, 1010 Vienna, May 5 - 17
German-Turkish Music Academy, Kyffhäuserstr. 23, 10781 Berlin, April 3-5
Hamburg shows art. Fischauktionshalle March, 21
Love, Peace and Happiness - A Tribute to a psychedelic age - working in progress. Completion is scheduled in 2015
A city is Gallery from April to October - permanent exhibition Herzogenburg
Cultural Centre Reither House - Herzogenburg
Boathouse St.Pölten, Harland, May - August 2011
Art for people in need, Oskar Kokoschka Home, November 5 - 15
Picture sponsorship Lionheart 2010 in the University for Applied Science, St.Pölten
Artroom St.Pölten
City Museum St.Pölten (also curator) "Prandtauers heirs" 2 June to 1 August 2010
Art for people in need. State museum St.Pölten on 5.12.2010
Sparkasse St.Pölten, branch Viehofen - year-round exhibition
Art in Public Spaces - House of Mercy, 1160 Vienna
Art for people in need, State museum and Festspielhaus St.Pölten
Art in the Castle Walpersdorf , showcase contemporary artists, 19.- 21.11.2009
Sparkasse branch Viehofen - plant extracts
Picture sponsorship for world7000 - way of friendship
Art for people in need. Hermann Nitsch Museum Mistelbach, 28 June 2008
Days of open studios on 18/10/2008
Charity - art auction with celebrities in the K47 in 1010 Vienna
Imst Art Road (group exhibition)
Sparkasse branch Viehofen.
Gallery in the Town Hall with reading, St.Pölten
Art for people in need, collective exhibition in Melk Abbey
Landesklinikum Mauer bei Amstetten with reading
Landesklinikum St.Pölten
Days of open studios on 20 and 21/10/2007
Lower Austria insurance. Regierungsviertel St.Pölten
Time Gallery, 1010 Vienna, Wollzeile 1 -3
Schwaighof St.Pölten
Vienna Theaterkeller - Club Ciarivari by Dr. Helene Schmidt Levar
Sparkasse branch Viehofen
Aqua City Lounge St.Pölten with reading
Schoellerbank St.Pölten
Castle ruin Reichenstein, Upper Austria

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